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Monin Syrup Chai Tea 70cl
Does it get any better than the delicious combination of green tea, cinnamon, clove, orange blossom and ginger? 
Monin Syrup Cheesecake 70cl
A classic dessert choice that goes the extra mile in something tall and frosty – the flavours of savoury freshly baked biscuit and
Monin Syrup Cherry 70cl
The just-picked flavour of ripe summer cherries brings balanced sweet, tart taste to a huge variety of drinks. 
Monin Syrup Cherry Blossom 70cl
Just like the flower itself, MONIN Cherry Blossom syrup is delicate and subtle, 

More information to follow shortly.

Monin Syrup Cinnamon 70cl
The distinctive sweet and spicy taste of cinnamon lends rich, warmth to a wide range of recipes. 
Monin Syrup Coconut 70cl
If you like pina coladas, you’ll love the authentic coconut flavour MONIN Coconut syrup brings to tropical-inspired beverages.
Monin Syrup Coffee 70cl
Find a wholesome comfort in the well-rounded bitterness of a fresh Colombian brew, without the caffeine kick.
Monin Syrup Cranberry 70cl
The fall cranberry harvest lasts year-round with MONIN Cranberry syrup.
Monin Syrup Crème Brulee 70cl
Burnt caramel and smooth vanilla are the classic flavours that have made the crème brûlée known around the world. 
Monin Syrup Donut 70cl

More information to follow shortly

Monin Syrup French Vanilla 70cl
Designed especially for iced and frozen lattes and coffees, MONIN French Vanilla 
syrup offers the perfect amount of smooth sweetness to make it a perennial favourite
Monin Syrup Frosted Mint 70cl

Add a blast of brrrr to specialty drinks with the delicately cool spearmint flavour of MONIN Frosted Mint syrup

Monin Syrup Ginger 70cl
The tangy, peppery flavour of ginger has warmed up ginger snaps and spiced up sodas for generations, but now it’s everywhere. 
Monin Syrup Gum 70cl
The humble sister of the standard sweetener behind the bar.
Monin Syrup Italian Dolce 70cl
An exquisite definition of Italian sweets by MONIN in form of a 
deliciously creamy, combinations of biscuit, coffee, cocoa, mascarpone and marsala liqueur taste.
Monin Syrup Lemon Ginger Honey 70cl

This favourite flavour trio of sourness, zest, and sweetness brings instant comfort and acts like a soothing pick-me-up.

Monin Syrup Lemonade Concentrate 70cl

Capture the refreshing balance of sharp citrus and delicate sweetness of lemonade, a drink that epitomises the best part of hot summer days.

Monin Syrup Maple 70cl
The distinctive essence of traditional maple syrup given for a 
well-rounded brown sugar feel with light roasted notes to beverages.
Monin Syrup Osmanthus 70cl
Light on the palate and on the nose, Osmanthus is a delicate but distinct floral taste that will elegantly dress up any drink it’s mixed into.